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2022 SCOUT Assessment NZL

2022 SCOUT Assessment NZL

Year 6 - 9
Year 6 - 9
2022 SCOUT Assessment NZL

The Scout Assessment is divided into three parts:


Assesses mathematical skills in a range of contexts across number and arithmetic, algebra and patterns, measurement, space and geometry, and chance and data.


Reading and Language

Assesses reading and language skills in a wide range of literary and factual texts. Students are assessed on their ability to read for meaning in literary and factual texts, to recognise the use of textual devices in these texts, to interpret the meaning of words and phrases and to identify the correct use of grammar.



Students will be asked to write an aspect or stage of a narrative. The task is scored using six criteria which assess students’ ability to fulfil the requirements of the genre, to use effective vocabulary, to structure a variety of sentences—including complex types—correctly, and to punctuate and spell correctly.

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